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domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

Book: Process to the Republic: Chronicles of a Cuban Blogger in Barcelona. Author: Arsenio Rodriguez Quintana. Ed The Weather (La Tempestad). March 2018. Barcelona

Description of the book:
The book recounts the events that occurred between September 11 (DIADA) and December 21, 2017. Demonstrations, elections, statements by the king and Rajoy, older Catalonian women of 80+ years going out to vote for the 1-O. Enraged youth, historical-social analysis of how this came to be; and in the background, the scenery of Barcelona. The reaction of citizens as millions of Catalans fled to the streets without causing disruption. Supported with 44 images that bring into perspective the memory of this historical event in 133 pages.

Editor's Note:
From Process to the Republic, the author uses his job as a blogger, with more than a million views on his blog, to share events that take place in Barcelona- where he lives with his Catalan daughter. Having been born, and lived, in Castro's Cuba makes him detect the authoritarian features with which the government of M. Rajoy has carried out the election process. Arsenio Rodríguez, before a blogger, is a historian. References and quotes in these texts are an added endorsement.

The official presentation of the book will take place on May 5th, at 6:00 pm, at the Sagrada Família (Sacred Family) Civic Center (C. Provença, 480). 
Supplemental Directions: 150 meters from the Sagrada Família, Metro Sagrada Família 
Òmnium Cultural and ANC support logistics and dissemination of these reports on the events of Procés in Catalonia.

Editions of La Tempestad has published more than 186 titles since 2003, in Barcelona.
Arsenio Rodríguez Quintana (Havana, 1964) is a Cuban historian, poet, narrator, essayist, and blogger. In Cuba, he worked in the National Archive, and as a promoter of music. In Europe, Arsenio has worked in editorial services among others. He left Cuba for Paris in 1999, where he has not returned. He has resided in Paris, Seville, and Barcelona.

As of 2010, he opened his namesake blog, which is read by Hispanics from more than 170 countries with more than 933,000 readers. He has published Ulysses Syndrome (Editorial Linkgua, Barcelona, ​​2004). In 1998 he won the National Calendar Award (short stories), for which he published his first short story book, La Caída y Otros Deseos (Editorial April, City of Havana, 1999). He has published texts in more than 20 books in collaboration: stories, poems.

Traducción Elsa y Raeean Martí.

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