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miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

Fidel took off his glasses and there began the Moncada barracks disaster

Fidel Castro..
(En Inglés y Español)

It was then that Gustavo noted that Fidel -- during the almost kamikaze-like commando operation -- was wearing glasses. Fidel detested for anyone to see him wearing glasses in public, and upon entering the city, he took off that sign of weakness and put them away in one of his uniform's pockets. (…)
Upon reaching the entry to the Moncada barracks lit by only two lights, the driver of the first car stopped, got off, and yelled to the two sentries: "Open way for the general!" The guards, who were confused, opened the gate and stood at attention. Two of the attackers ran towards them and easily disarmed them.

When the first car entered the barracks, Fidel drove his car forward. However, because of the lack of light and the fact that he was not wearing his glasses, his car went up a curb onto